What are the Benefits of the Max Wave Project?

– create a river enhancement project in memory of Max Lentz
– offer the community a safe way to access the rive
– clean up the riverbanks
– recreate in downtown Missoula
– drive business to Missoula (team trials, other future US kayaking events, maybe World Championships in 2015)
– give people a chance to enjoy the riverbanks whether they are exploring, riding the wave, or reading a book accommodate the increased river traffic due to the removal of the Milltown Dam (rafters, tubers, canoes, kayaks, anglers, etc)
– take advantage of the beautiful Clark Fork River

How much will this project cost?

Brennan’s Wave cost approximately $500,000 and we expect The Max Wave to cost closer to $1 million, depending on the design and scope of the project

How long will the project take?

Our goal is to have The Max Wave completed by 2015

How can people donate to The Max Wave?

– donate online HERE
– walk into any First Interstate Bank and mention The Max Wave
– make a donation or purchase a t-shirt for $20 at The Max Wave booth at many downtown events
– purchase a t-shirt for $20 at Strongwater Paddle Sports, The Kettlehouse, The Trailhead, Missoula Bicycle Works, Momentum

How else can people help?

– volunteer in The Max Wave booth at a downtown event
– tell family and friends about the project

What’s involved in constructing a surf wave?

A surf wave is constructed by placing large boulders in the river to push more water to a central place. The water then flows over some obstacle, most often rocks that form the preferred hydraulic feature, which boaters use to perform stunts and maneuvers or to practice technique.

Will this feature be dangerous?

Development will actually clean up the river, removing concrete, metal and other obstacles currently dangerous to floaters. The wave will be designed to be navigable in rafts and safe enough for people in inner tubes.

What about access to the river?

The proposed site will be easily accessible via McCormick Park or the new boat launch provided by the City of Missoula.

Will the wave development hurt the environment?

Structures placed in the river are designed to not only function as a recreational amenity but also not affect the floodplain, not affect the river’s sediment transport systems & not inhibit native species fish migration.

Will this harm fish populations?

We plan to work with fish biologists on the design & studies have actually shown increased fish populations in whitewater parks. Whitewater features provide deep pool habitat, whitewater cover and water aeration.

What are some of the benefits of a surf wave?

– Provides a recreational amenity in downtown Missoula
– Ability to host freestyle kayaking and instructional kayaking
– Relatively inexpensive to construct with no maintenance or operating costs
– Enhanced in-channel fish habitat
– Free and open to all users 24-hours a day
– Shows visitors Missoula is a healthy, active, outdoor 7 environmentally conscious community.

How will this benefit Missoula?

– Recreational amenities like Brennan’s Wave & The Max Wave provide opportunities for economic development.
– They give travelers a new reason to visit and boost local businesses.
– Other communities have seen upwards of 1 million in economic impact (Golden, Colorado, Reno, NV, Vail, CO).
– These projects clean-up the river and actually make them safer for floaters.
– Recreational amenities like Brennan’s Wave & The Max Wave are rising in popularity on local and national levels.