How long have you been working on The Max Wave?

We started in 2008 and have been persistent and committed since.

What can we do to help The Max Wave? 

Make a donation and continue to support the project.

What Strategies do you have for maintaining The Max Wave?

We created an Operating and Maintenance Plan which outlines how the wave will be maintained in the future and by who.  All of the proceeds from The Max Wave license plates are placed in a maintenance fund.

What were some of your biggest roadblocks?

Working with all of the agencies and public interest groups to create a plan that everyone is excited about was a challenge.  As each year goes by construction cost increase as well.

Is your board active? 

Our volunteer based board meets once a month.

How much will The Max Wave cost?

Anywhere between 2-3 million.

What is the current timeline?

We have submitted the project to permitting winter 2017 and should have our permits by spring 2018. As  funds are raised  we will finalized a starting date,  possibly starting construction winter 2018.

Is The Max Wave a non-profit organization?

Every penny that is donated to The Max Wave goes towards The Max Wave.  The Max Wave is a 501 C 3 non-profit organization under Brennan’s Wave. Our federal tax ID is 20-0613914

How will this benefit Missoula?

Recreational amenities like Brennan’s Wave & The Max Wave provide opportunities for economic development.

They give travelers a new reason to visit and boost local businesses.

Other communities have seen upwards of 1 million dollars per year in economic impact (Golden, Colorado, Reno, NV, Vail, CO).

These projects clean-up the river and actually make them safer for floaters.

Recreational amenities like Brennan’s Wave & The Max Wave are rising in popularity on local and national levels.


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PO Box 17201
Missoula, Montana

The Max Wave is a 501 (C) (3) Non-Profit Organization under Brennan’s Wave. Federal Tax ID # 20-0613914

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